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With our simple, easy to follow recipes we wish to inspire people to get back to the basics and have fun in the kitchen!


Is eating food that is closest to its natural state with the least amount of processing. Topping the list are organic, fresh and local products – fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, dairy, seafood & meats.


Encompasses everything friendly to nature & the environment. Less processing & buying local & in season, supports a reduced carbon footprint & organic products equals less chemicals for the earth & you.


We all need & love to eat, so why not include the most nutritious foods into our daily diet. Eating Clean & Green provides the best opportunity for optimum health & vitality.


This is a quick & easy resource to access information, inspiration & encouragement to help you create your healthier lifestyle.


We are a young couple who love life, its challenges, the beach, travelling & most importantly our friends and family. For us to be able to get the most out of life, we have chosen a clean & green eating lifestyle in order to create a healthy & happy life. We have also taken this a step further by adopting a holistic approach to include (not just what we eat but also) how we think, drink, breathe & exercise.

We wish you a healthy and joyful lifestyle adventure!

Clean and Green Kids App

The app for healthy, nutritious and fun kids recipes!

The Clean & Green Kids App is full of a variety of recipes that are relatively quick, fun & of coarse nutritious. Whether you are after some new recipe inspiration or just some ideas on how to plate food to make it a little more fun for your little ones, we have kept both in mind.

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